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HDPE Dimpled Water-Proof Drainage Board Extrusion Line

Jul 13, 2017


Product Detail of HDPE Dimpled Water-Proof Drainage Board Extrusion Line:

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:SO-2400

  • Type:Sheet Extruder

  • Plastic Processed:HDPE

  • Product Type:Profile Extrusion Molding Machine

  • Feeding Mode:One Feed

  • Assembly Structure:Integral Type Extruder

  • Screw:Single-Screw

  • Screw Channel Structure:Deep Screw

  • Exhaust:Exhaust

  • Automation:Automatic

  • Computerized:Computerized

  • Origin:Suzhou, China

Product Description

Polyethylene (HDPE) main function of waterproof and drainage board


 Waterproof drainage board equipment (waterproof drainage board production line) for our newly developed products.
Our technical staff in traditional mechanical sheet on the basis of innovation made a special deal to adapt cellular HDPE drainage board production.

Polyethylene (HDPE) main function of anti-drain devices

Conductivity water drainage:

Waterproof and drainage board has established the rough hollow bar structure, you can export the water quickly and efficiently, greatly reduce or even eliminate the hydrostatic pressure waterproof layer, hydraulic conductivity through the active principle of this initiative can achieve the effect of water.

Waterproof performance:
    Polyethylene (HDPE) waterproofing and drainage board material itself is a good waterproof material. By using a reliable connection, so that anti-drain into a good waterproof material.

Protection Protection:
    Waterproofing and drainage board can effectively protect structures and waterproof layer, and resistance to various types of thorn soil pH and plant. When basement wall backfill, which can protect against damage to buildings and waterproof layer.

Moisture-proof insulation and ventilation functions:
    Laboratory data indicate that polyethylene (HDPE) drainage board can effectively reduce anti indoor 14 db, 500HZ noise noise noise has obvious function. Waterproof water guide plate on the ground or wall use, ventilation, moisture can play a very good role.

Polyethylene (HDPE) anti-drain applications as follows:
   Landscape Engineering: garage roof greening, roof gardens, green roofs, soccer fields, golf courses, beach projects
   Municipal Engineering: road embankment, subway tunnels and other
   Construction: building the basis of the upper or lower, basement and outside walls, roof and insulation layer impermeable
   Traffic engineering: highway, railway embankment, dams and slope protection layer
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