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Environmental protection and usage of plastic granulator

Jan 03, 2017

Purpose: waste plastic granulator is polyethylene (film, beverage bottles, liners, etc) or polypropylene (old bags, packaging bags, bundles of belay) extrusion, cooled, cut the plastic granules to produce the equipment produced particles are very versatile, the vast number of friends in an investment project.

Second, characteristics: wood equipment and washing machine, cutting machine. Washing of plastic without the cold Sun directly into extrusion granulation process is simple, advanced technology, and suitable for different waste plastics. Automatic temperature control, (coal) electric heating, less electricity, pollution-free, high degree of automation. Full equipment by host, and broken cleaning sets machine, and cut grain machine, and cleaning slot (can homemade), cooling slot (can homemade) composition, the sets unit supporting perfect, can automatically continuous production, due to equipment special exhaust drainage device, so waste by washing Hou no longer drying, and directly made grain, and made grain clean, no pollution and aging phenomenon, greatly reduced has production costs, improve has production efficiency. Machine has a small size, high efficiency, good performance, low power consumption, high quality and wide adaptability characteristics can be adapted to meet a variety of requirements.

This unit is suitable for PE, EvA, PvC, waste film and PE, PVC, ABC, PP, crushed material and PE, PP powder finish, plastic manufacturers around corner, recycling old film, film nylon membranes and textile bags and other waste for processing raw materials. This machine is the main equipment of waste plastic recycling and granulation, dry, wet, its dual exhaust, drainage, leading regulator, exchanger network. After adding the die head, can produce films, plates, tubes, wire, profiles, and performance is better than the other existing domestic models.