PP PE PVC Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Perforator

single wall corrugated pipe perforator
slotting for corrugated pipe
on-line or off-line perforate
holes clean and tidy

Product Details

PP PE PVC plastic single wall corrugated pipe perforator

The corrugated pipe perforator machine is reasonable, high degree of automation, can be achieved online or offline manual automatic punching punch.

Specifications of double wall corrugated pipe perforator
1. This kind of corrugated pipe is mainly used for underground water drainage system.
2. It is fully computer/instrument controlled, automatic production line. It features high and stable output capacity, and highly automatic operation.
3. Different types of extruders can be selected to match with the production line according to the material properties.
4. The forming system of this line consists of mould and corrugator. The mould blocks can be easily changed and they may have air or water cooling system. The belling process can also be realized on line. High precision cutting can be guaranteed by rotation type cutting machine.

Equipment highlights:
1) Can be online automatic perforating, Perforating range: OD50mm~OD600mm;
2) The number of holes can be randomly selected from the 2 to the 8;
3) Perforating number: Max 8;
4) Perforating size adjustable;
5) The use of fully enclosed design, safe and reliable;
6) The hole is cut into strips, and no dust pollution is easy to clean and recovery;
7) Electronic control system: SIEMENS PLC control, man-machine interface using SIEMENS touch screen. Key electrical components of the production line using SIEMENS, ABB and other international well-known brands of products.

We have three types of double wall corrugated pipe perforating machine:
1)Pneumatic punching machine.
2)Mechanical punching machine.

Processing Range and Model for reference of plastic pipe perforator machine



No. Of Perforating holes

Hole size

Type of perforator




10mm x 1mm - 30mm x 3mm








Photos of Plastic Pipe Perforating Machine for reference: 

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